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Friday, February 02, 2007

you n me

you are the son of the king
and you may think
this world is so great
everyone is here friend
they offer u sweets
when you comes on streets

I m the son of a farmer
for me this world is harder
when I wander in roads
they call me ghost
when I look into there shops
they show me way to rocks


main_sachchu_nadan said...
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main_sachchu_nadan said...

Wah janaab kya baat hai .. ab to angrezi mein bhi jalwa dikhane lage :). Gud attempt man. Vaise meri taraf se bhi ek pesh-e-khidmat rahegi review ke liye .. 1-2 din mein dekhna :)

Unknown said...

awesum........i nvr knew u cn b so so so gud......i dnt hv words to apreciate.....!!! claps 4 u buddy!!! Rock On!!! :)

ravi nandan said...

this is the only one post i can understand in ur blog... but it is very good OP..